Gink and His Time

4 PM
1065 Budapest
Mai Manó House
Nagymező utca 20.
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© Károly Gink: Play, 1958, gelatin silver print, 21 x 18 cm

On 3 November 2022, from 4 pm, the Hungarian House of Photography holds a symposium in the Mai Manó Ház, Budapest, where Hungarian historians of photography give slide-illustrated lectures on the work of Károly Gink (1922–2002), who was born 100, and died 80, years ago.

András Bán, György Zoltán Fejér, Csilla E. Csorba, Pál Gyöngyi and Klára Tőry will summarise their research on Károly Gink, present a chronological classification of his oeuvre, and analyse the most important exhibitions and publications (illustrated books) that marked the various periods of the artist’s career.

The lectures will be followed by a round-table discussion of questions and potentially important details not touched upon by the speakers.