Zsolt Gyenes


1117 Budapest
MET Gallery
Bölcső u. 9.
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Textures, woven structures, linear and non-linear surfaces: color/light-, self-portrait-, time-, action-, human/crowd- and error-textures; abstract shapes. I also belong to the first generation of watching monitors. The television monitor was a decisive experience of me; meeting surface. There appeared newer, different types and functions of monitors, but the things have remained somewhere. I like the texture of the monitor; so touchable. RGB illusions. Monitor-like textures; synchrony, error and a-synchrony. Equivalent relationships of sound and image. One builds the other and vice versa. 

I selected works of audio-videos from three different series for this one-man show.
The Monitortextures are montages and transformations of digital errors recorded on monitors. The sound and image is eroded in synchrony.
The opuses of the Synchrony series explore the possible synchronicity and/or a-synchronicity of sound and image.
The art pieces of the Procession’s structures based on the Fibonacci sequence. These could also be the metaphors of the ungraspable time. The past and future are unattainable, and the present does not exist – all is illusion.
The technique, the using software provides opportunities for transferring, substitution, some forms of illusion.
The presented audio-videos were made in the last year.

source: http://www.gyenes62.hu/gyenes_monitortexturak_kat.pdf