Attila Rékasi


6 PM
1092 Budapest
Kispont Gallery
Ráday u. 9.
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Attila Rékasi - Kornél Komlósi: Portrait of the Hermit of Pridovina, Pridovina farmsteads, 2010, analogue colour photo, 30 x 40 cm

It is a cliché that change is a constant state in our modern world, and its rate seems to be growing exponentially. This seems to be even more the case with the media. Among other things, the lecture will examine the question whether this change, this increase in volume, also results in “development.”

In a dialectic between art and sociology, the investigation merely touches on scholarliness, and takes the angle of the subject as it tries to paint a picture of the changing dynamics of the role and significance of photography in the media.

All of these questions are based on a thesis published in 2006, a few photographs that appeared in the press, and the related personal experiences and thoughts.