1053 Budapest
Foton Galéria
Képíró utca 6.
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As it opens its joint gallery with the Studio of Young Photographers, the  Association of Hungarian Photographers (est. 1956) answers a long-felt need for an exhibition space that is dedicated to its members.

Synopsis, the gallery’s first exhibition selects works from the first decade of the Studio of Young Photographers, which the Association established in 1977 and has maintained ever since. The first-generation creators of the Studio who are featured at the display are by now multi-award-winning artists of the Association, key figures of Hungarian contemporary photography. The exhibiting artists are Sándor Apáti-Tóth, András Balla, András Bánkuti, Imre Benkő, Gábor Fejér, Péter Horváth, Antal Jokesz, Ferenc Kanyó, Gábor Kerekes, György Stalter, János Szerencsés, László Tasnádi, Péter Tímár, György Tóth, Attila Vécsy, and Magdolna Vékás.

Curators: Péter Baki and Viktória Balogh